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DOE Chats About Latest Single, “Lead Us Again”


DOE is back with a brand new single, serving as a community’s call for reassurance from God.

“Lead Us Again” is the lead single from her forthcoming sophomore album (due May 26), and she talks to Melissa Wade about the direction she decided to take with the track.

“I really worked hard to give a voice to the community and this project, so it’s all telling in the lyrics,” DOE explains. “You know, instead of me saying ‘lead me again,’ we’re saying ‘lead us again.’ And I think that this is a conversation that needs to happen between the community of Earth and the community of Heaven because we become so good at truth.”

She continues, “It’s not a bad thing. We are so good at church. Yeah, we could put a pretty little program, whether or not God shows up, and just do it without him. And I think that it’s time for us to remember who the church belongs to, who the service is for, who we’re preparing to host. And this song is just that. It is the Holy Spirit. We want to be led by You again.”

Check out our full interview with DOE in the video above!