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Tye Tribbett is back with a new single, hitting streaming sites very soon. Tribbett talks about the single, entitled “New” and new items on deck, including his Live Chruch in Orlando, Florida.

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Erica Campbell: Come on! “New” by Tye Tribbett. We’re not surprised. We’re not shocked. We knew it. We knew it was coming. I’m super excited. We knew who was coming. So we just heard the latest title. And I understand you’re dropping the rest of the album later this year.

Tye Tribbett: Yeah, man. So July 8, July 8, the rest of the album is coming. Now listen, y’all. I know these last two singles have been like bots and stuff like that. But the album is not about the album. It’s not a hip-hop album. It’s not a trend. Got songs on if you know me at all, you know, I got a little it is and a little of that if you know me at all. So, Erica, I can’t wait for y’all to get this music.

EC: I’m so, so excited. Listen, my kids are asking for your music. And I talked about, you know, my experiences with you and going to your concerts and they’re like, can we please can we go to a Tye Tribbett concert. So I either have to bring you to California or find out where you gonna be. Because my kids want this experience. And I’m just so grateful. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for your ministry that literally draws kids’ hearts to Jesus.

TT: Amen. That’s the intent. So I’m grateful for that. And that comes from also good parenting. So shout out to you and Pastor Warryn.

EC: Thank you. Listen, speaking of family, you and sister Shanté. That’s what I call her, Shanté I recently hosted some marriage and relationship courses on TBN. When can we see those?

TT: Oh, I don’t know when I’m coming out. That’s a good question, I don’t know! We did this whole YouTube e-course for like, it’s about six to eight weeks, on just marriage and relationships, singles all this stuff. It was so so so so powerful as we’re celebrating 25 years married this year. So it’s very, very powerful. If y’all catch it now, I’ll be posting it let y’all know.

EC: You Pastor Live Church in Orlando. And the church has grown tremendously even during the pandemic. Tell is about the Church

TT: Well I love Live Chruch so if you’re in Orlando you got to come by man you got to come by that we had this holy land Erica because you came by there. Man. I’m sold that to Adventhealth I say Well, thank you, Jesus. All things work together for good. Now with his growers, yeah. And so that they had so it was so amazing what God is doing now because now is the people who are there are about the heart and not the height, you understand what I’m saying? And he’s renewing and reviving and restoring and we’re looking to break ground by the end of this year actually to put another build and we want to we want that same favor and blessing that Cali Worship Center guy congratulates thank you all that stuff. Thank you all the way we need to build it, we need to build it, we need to build it!

EC: I got you listen, God supplies we know he supplies that I’m praying the same grace to pray that he prayed over me actually, we sewn into some friends who were having churches that we’re breaking ground and going into new buildings. And we said Lord, the same brace you’ve extended to them extends to us. And so we are super excited. I know he’s gonna do it for you, too. I love you, my friend and brother were talking to Tye Tribbett. The new single is available now on all digital outlets. It’s called “New.” So listen, before we wrap, the Bible says “Cast all your cares on Him.” Someone needs to be encouraged this morning. Can you leave a word to bless the people?

TT: Oh man. Yes, yes, yes, please. I’m learning this right now y’all to trust. I’m learning to trust God, we believe His Word. We know his word. But to trust it comes with a level of rest. And many people in God are not resting on his promises because we don’t fully trust it. I mean, I think we believe it but the next step is resting and trusting it that’s why Jesus said Erica, Let not your heart be troubled. Whoa so the condition of your heart is in your that’s on you to not be trouble right you’re gonna have trouble but that’ll mean you have to be troubled. Not be troubled. You got to trust the word of God. Let people have got less rest. His promises are yes. And a man He’s not a man that he should lie. Let’s jail. Yes through he always the same God.





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