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Tired puppy

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A post on the Goldsboro Police Department’s Facebook page about a lost puppy got a huge response. An overwhelming response. People were feverish for more information.

And some of those people even had questions about the puppy.

See, people were on the Facebook page with tons of questions about the police officer HOLDING the puppy. At last check, there were over 400 comments and nearly 500 shares of the post.

“If I call, can I get the cop instead of the puppy?”

“Someone just broke in my house, I need your help ASAP.”

“I am his human. Please send him home immediately! He can bring the dog too!”

“I stole the dog come get me.”

The good news is that the puppy’s owner was located. The bad news is that the police department hasn’t revealed any info about the “cute cop” who caught everyone’s eye.




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