"It is my distinct honor to pass the torch to you. You’ve earned it and will excel wherever God takes you for women’s empowerment!"

In this Ericaism, Erica Campbell talks about feeling invisible.

In this edition of the True Hollywood Bible Stories, Erica Campbell and GRIFF tell the story of Luke 8:43 & 48, about a woman who had issues with her blood for twelve years, and was determined to get to Jesus in order to be healed. Despite the seemingly impossible outlook, she never let her faith […]

In this edition of GRIFF’s Prayer, GRIFF recalls an eventful trip he took to a restaurant to pick up some food to eat. He said that while he was paying for the food, the cashier lady reached over to give him his receipt, and he noticed something strange. The woman was missing more than a […]

In this edition of Healthy Ever After, Erica Campbell talks about the battle against breast cancer. She talks about women’s tendency to put themselves last, leaving such a dangerous disease unchecked. Chances are, she says, you know somebody who has breast cancer. In honor of breast cancer awareness month, Erica talks about the steps we […]

In this edition of the Get Up Poll, Erica Campbell & GRIFF pose the age-old question; who pays on date night, the man or the woman? The modern spin on the answers, however, is pretty astonishing. Many express a belief in a more even split, sometimes a man pays, sometimes a woman pays. The terms […]

Bishop Secular asked a woman if her eyes were her natural color. Well, he learned that was a bad idea because she went off! She told…

  Queen Walters had been using a scooter to shop at the Walmart in Roxboro when she became groggy from the medication she had been taking to prep her for surgery, and she fell asleep.  Store surveillance video showed Queen asleep when a man approached her and then took her purse while she was out […]

After yesterday’s primary votes NC voters sounded off with a 61% vote for the marriage amendment, prohibiting any union outside of a marriage between a man and a woman from being recognized in the state. NC is now the 31st state to add an amendment on marriage to its constitution and the last state in […]

 Amendment 1 is up for vote in NC…. it’s base is surrounding same sex marriage.  There has been some confusion on exactly what you are voting for or against.  So I asked Nationally syndicated talk show host and People’s attorney Warren Ballentine to join me to give us more understanding.  Listen to what he says: […]