The Shack

"God is in all of us. It does not matter what color you are or what gender you are, there is God in all of us."

Once known mostly for her co-starring role in The Help, Octavia Spencer has worked hard and is now showing what she can accomplish on her own.  Starring in several films that have gone on to win numerous awards and generate millions of dollars, like Hidden Figures, she now is taking on another starring role, Check out […]

Spencer is starring as a woman named Papa in the faith-based film “The Shack” adapted from William P. Young’s bestselling book. Sam Worthington stars as a man who suffers an unimaginable loss and is summoned to an abandoned shack in the Oregon wilderness, where he meets a woman named Papa (Octavia Spencer), which is his […]

Octavia Spencer  has been cast as God. Spencer says she’s not doing any special prep work for the role. “You don’t prepare for God.” Three…