Marcus D. Wiley wants to make sure you make it to the #1 clean comedy show… the Radio One Family Comedy Tour by GIVING YOU HALF OFF EVERY TICKET THAT YOU PURCHASE!!! It’s kinda like buy one get one free!!!  BUT to get Marcus’ discount you have to go online to  and enter the discount code MARCUS

CoCoa Brown is a wonderful addition to the Radio One Family Comedy Tour.  Read more about her and listen as she talks with Melissa about being in Raleigh on Saturday.   COCOA BROWN When actress and comedian Cocoa Brown takes the stage, the world stands still. Brown is undeniably one of the most talented comics […]

You will often find people are ashamed to admit when they have been married more than once. Comedian Griff says you SHOULD NOT be ashamed of being married more than once. According to Griff, the first time is the trial run. The first marriage teaches you WHAT NOT TO DO in your second (or if […]

You are up on Sunday morning trying to get your mind right for church. You hit the gospel playlist on your iPod as you get dressed. You leave the house feeling good and with your mind stayed on Jesus … and then … watch the video below to see what Marcus D. Wiley says happens […]

Get ready to laugh until your face hurts at the Radio One Family Comedy Tour. The tour, which is hosted by Marcus D. Wiley and stars Joe Sinclair, Griff “The Secular Saint,” Horace Sanders and Sean Sarvis. Check out what’s in store for you and meet the comedians. The tour officially makes its stop in […]

Via Source: Star Connor/ Ophelia C. Productions/Amber ROXX Productions If you missed the Radio One Family Comedy Show, no worries we have you covered here…