David Mann explains to Erica Campbell why we shouldn't focus on the no's.

In this edition of the Joy Living, Erica Campbell simply reminds us not to let anyone steal our joy. She says, if little things like posts on social media can steal your joy, then you didn’t have enough it to begin with. Still, even when its a bigger deal, like when you’re shopping around your […]

In this edition of GRIFF’s prayer, he thanks God for saying no to us. Because sometimes, as he explains, we want the wrong things for ourselves, much like how kids want too much candy. We might think we know what we need, and it later turns out to be a really good thing that our […]

RALEIGH — The multi-state Mega Millions lottery game is sporting a giant jackpot for New Year’s Eve, after yesterday evening’s $200 million drawing went without a top winner. Friday evening’s jackpot is now pegged at $237 million, after 14 straight bi-weekly drawings without a top winner. But 17 players in a dozen states won at […]

Say no and remove those things that aren’t bearing “good fruit.”

John 10:10…  Don’t let the enemy steal your health through stress. Just say NO.