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Vice President Kamala Harris will be visiting the Triangle in downtown Raleigh today.

Vice President Kamala Harris will be in the Raleigh Durham area on Thursday.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mNtkqNQxKuM Vice President Kamala Harris took a moment out of her time after attending the National Baptist Convention to call into the Willie Moore Jr. Show to talk about some of the issues that are happening in the African American community. There have been an array of issues currently happening in our country and around […]

Vice President Kamala Harris made a stop through the Bull City yesterday (Sept. 1) at the Durham Center For Senior Life. After taking a tour of the facility, she spoke in front of a packed house to discuss the recently-passed Inflation Reduction Act, which she says will greatly benefit our local seniors. The act brings sweeping […]

Kamala Harris is a proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha, Incorporated and wears a symbolic string of pearls to represent her sisterhood. Here's what it means to one of her fellow sorors.

When President Trump voted in Florida by mail, last month for the primary, it struck an idea with California Senator Kamala Harris with the VOTESAFE Act. ” To expand vote by mail and early voting, and to improve the safety, accessibility, and efficiency of in-person voting during elections for Federal office”, The Bill reads. CLICK HERE […]

California progressives applaud their freshman senator's tough stance against Trump's agenda.

The Senate's three Black lawmakers discuss how to move the community forward in a Facebook Live chat.

Senator Kamala Harris will pull from her lengthy legal career to lay the groundwork against confirming Sen. Jeff Sessions.

Surrounded by her family and close friends, Harris, California's sitting Attorney General, vowed to serve the people to her utmost ability.