COLORADO – Radiation from the Tsunami caused nuclear meltdown in Japan has reached American states 5,000 miles away, such as Colorado and Oregon. CNN reports: Colorado and Oregon have joined several other Western states in reporting trace amounts of radioactive particles that have likely drifted about 5,000 miles from a quake and tsunami-damaged nuclear power […]

When disaster strikes we all want to know how to help. The people of Japan will need help for a long time to come. They may have just suffered the worst disaster in their countries existence. The following organizations are ready to help. Here is how to help you can do in addition to praying. […]

Three Lillington siblings from the well-known gospel quartet called The Taylors are home and sharing their story of survival.

Approximately 2,000 bodies were found Monday in Miyagi Prefecture on Japan’s northeast coast, the Kyodo news agency reported. If confirmed, the discovery would be the largest yet of victims from last week’s devastating earthquake and tsunami. Roughly 1,000 bodies were found coming ashore on Miyagi’s Ojika Peninsula, while another 1,000 were seen in the town […]

In the wake of some of the world’s most momentous and tragic occurrences of late, social networking continues to prove it’s worth.

HONOLULU, March 10 (Reuters) – Hawaii ordered evacuations of its coastal areas and braced for a possible tidal wave set off by Friday’s earthquake in Japan as a tsunami warning was extended to most of the Pacific basin, including northern California and Oregon. Some 3,800 miles (6,200 km) from Japan, the main airports on at […]