Following North Carolina's decision to repeal parts of its "bathroom bill," the NCAA ended its six-month championship events ban within the state.

Republican lawmakers in North Carolina announced late yesterday that an agreement has been reached to repeal HB2.  HB2, the state law prohibits transgender people from using bathrooms that correspond to their gender identities, has caused much controversy and revenue loss for the state. This new deal reached with Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper, would repeal HB2,  leave […]

  Durham Mayor Bill Bell says, though the push by some to repeal House Bill 2 hasn’t changed, the circumstances have.” “There really is no downside,” Bell said. Bell highlights that one reason is that the N.C. Sports Association says the NCAA is on the verge of pulling the state from consideration from hosting tournaments for […]

Governor Roy Cooper has submitted a new proposal for the repeal of House Bill 2 but many still have concern about the safety of others if the bill is repealed. “February needs to be the month that we get this done or it may be too late,” said Governor Cooper. HB2 requires people to use […]

Attorney General Loretta Lynch will be making a stop in Fayetteville Tuesday/Today as part of her national community policing tour. While here a group of African American pastors and faith leaders are taking aim at her over comments she made about transgender rights. The NC Values Coalition is holding a news conference at the state capital at 10 […]

The Department of Justice and North Carolina filed lawsuits against each other over the so-called "bathroom bill." North Carolina denies that the measure violates the civil rights of transgender people.

  Attorney General Loretta Lynch and native of NC is responding to Gov. McCrory’s lawsuit with a countersuit and saying this bill is about so much more than bathrooms. Lynch, the first black woman to hold the job, says this struggle defines the civil rights struggle by placing it in the context of America’s Jim […]

NC Gov. Pat McCrory has until 5pm to respond to the HB2 bill but has already filed a lawsuit asking for a declaratory judgment action from the federal court system to clarify federal law on the HB2 issue. Defiance to the bill could risk funding for the state’s university and has already caused canellations in events that […]

  The N.C. debate over House Bill 2 has gone national, with political leaders and high profile entertainers voicing their opinions. Just recently Bruce Springsteen cancelled a concert in Greensboro over the issue. Supporters and opponents plan to square off in Raleigh rallies later today (Monday). Critics say discriminates against LGBT people, not allowing allowed […]