In GRIFF's Prayer, GRIFF is struck by the recent video of a doctor getting dragged off a flight.

Erica Campbell discusses the significance of your faith in God in the face of tragedy. She tells the incredible story of a 22-year-old Detroit man who was shot and was told he had a 10% chance of living. Now, he’s a doctor at the very hospital where they told him he probably wouldn’t live. Erica & […]

  Every woman should make sure she’s also addressing the below ten topics with her doctor   Source:   1. I am feeling (circle one/ all the apply): sad, anxious, angry, irritable, hopeless, worthless, post-partum depression, not like myself etc. Do you think I am depressed?   If you have been experiencing any of […]

Can a glass of wine at lunch or a couple of drinks after work increase the risk for breast cancer over the course of a woman’s lifetime?

Women tend to naturally visit the doctors more frequent than men, especially if they feel something is wrong with their body. But often times, we ignore minor signs that actually can lead to serious health issues. These 5 common cancer symptoms can be easily overlooked: Unexplained Weight Loss For most women, this is a dream […]