Source: Pool / Getty Since Bishop Long came out on social media to reveal his tremendous weight loss many think there more to it and speculate that he may have cancer or some other major ailment.  Read more at He released a statement saying: “I am recovering from a health challenge that I trust […]

Bishop Long is a lot slimmer these days and attributes his weight loss to his new raw diet and is urging others to drop the “slave menu” to live longer.  

  Steve Harvey will talk with Bishop Eddie Long during his talk show today about tough period that lead Bishop Long to contemplating suicide and more. The controversy over homosexual relationship in 2010 lead to lawsuits against Bishop Long that were eventually settled out of court as Long continued to declare his innocence. Bishop Long will […]

  Bishop Eddie Long is being sued by a dozen former members of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church who say he encouraged them to invest in a company that was operating an alleged Ponzi scheme. New Birth members lost more than $1 million. Members told the Journal-Constitutuion, “If Bishop Eddie Long hadn’t endorsed businessman Ephren […]

Ephren Taylor II, a self-described “social capitalist” who made his first million in high school, was charged by the SEC today for allegedly operating Ponzi…

Bishop Long is apologizing for a ceremony in which he was wrapped in a sacred Torah scroll and crowned “king,” at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Atlanta, GA.

  Parents of New Birth Christian Academy were sent a letter during the holidays that their school would not reopen after the holidays.

Eddie Long might take his time off to think about his divorce to Vanessa Long in small careful steps. One of the first steps should be not issue statements for other people. What? Bishop Eddie Long Tells His Congregation To Give More! [VIDEO] It was provided by The letter bears the New Birth church […]

  After two of the accusers announced their plans to write a tell all book, New Birth Missionary Bapt. Church has petitioned for partial refund,  according to Charisma Magazine.

Bishop Long states: “I believe in forgiveness and the opportunity for second chances.”  Read more….