White & Black Girls

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Today’s guest Terry Spicer CEO of the SISI organization works with young women to instill structure and self confidence that’s needed in building up our young girls.  Listen as she talks with Melissa about her experiences with working with young girls.

Terry Spicer

Successful Entrepreneur. Accomplished Author. Effective & Impactful Community Change Agent. With great deliberation Terry W. Spicer has lived by the mantra of actively engaging and participating in community service initiatives and programs to extend humanitarian assistance beyond herself to help the needs of the global community. Her mother, grandmother and other strong women were so careful to show her by example that she is truly “her neighbor’s keeper” as they required her to stand on their tireless legacy of committed service. She works to continuously answer that tugging and charge of public service on her life with tireless commitment to that same principle of service. Terry has focused her time, attention and talents on the pulse of the global community and has used her professional skillsets as an accomplished and successful Publicist to champion causes of impact and address real life-changing situations. She is the Founder of The Sisters Inspiring Sisters Incorporated, The SISI, a 501c3 charity that provides Transportation Assistance to cancer patients. In seven years 1268 cancer patients have been helped with Gas Cards to get to lifesaving treatment in 16 states and all 100 counties of North Carolina. Visit http://www.thesisi.org. In honor of their immeasurable gifts that impacted the successful principles and mantra of her life, she lifted their legacy with her self-published literary debut in the heartfelt pages of Lessons From Her Skirttail. A savvy Publicist, she is the Principle of Epiphany Public Relations, LLC based in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Terry W. Spicer, Executive Director & Founder

The Sisters Inspiring Sisters Incorporated

1221 Cancer Patients Helped With Transportation Assistance

Office: 919-801-4842 Cell: 919-830-9049

“We Fight Cancer One Mile At A Time!™”




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