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Thanksgiving Turkey

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Experts say washing your turkey could spread germs.  Although we were taught by mom and grandma to always wash that turkey because you don’t know where it’s been before packing… experts now say it’s not a good idea.

Germs that can make people sick are common in the guts of healthy poultry and are legally allowed to be on raw turkey and chicken. The assumption is that nobody eats their poultry rare, and that thorough cooking will kill the bacteria.  New discoveries and technology says that’s not always so and food poisoning like salmonella are on the turkey.

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And to ensure a bird is thoroughly cooked, they say to use a thermometer to check that the deepest and thickest parts of it have reached 165 degrees.

Even after the meal is cooked, you aren’t out of the danger zone. To keep turkey and other leftovers safe, experts say they should be refrigerated after two hours.