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dark clouds release bright pink branching lightning bolts to the ground blow

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ABC11’s meteorologist says we will start off sunny but showers and thunderstorms will begin during the afternoon hours. giving us a risk at severe storms including possible tornadoes.

He said storms could linger into the evening. Overnight, temperatures will fall into the 70s.

Residents are encouraged to be prepared as several tornadoes have been reported in North Carolina within the last few weeks.


Know the Terms and Danger Signs

  • Watch – conditions are right for tornado formation.
  • Warning – a tornado has actually been sighted.

Danger signs

  • If there is a watch or warning posted, falling hail should be thought to be a real danger sign.
  • A cloud of debris can mark the place of a tornado, even if you cannot see a funnel.
  • Before a tornado hits, the wind may die down and the air may become very still.
  • Tornadoes occur near the trailing edge of a thunderstorm. It is not uncommon to see clear, sunlit skies behind a tornado.

Go to ReadyNC to see what to do before, during and after a storm.