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10:30a Doors Open

10:50a Welcome

11:00a National Negro Anthem

Led by the Bennett College Choir Ambassador Ensemble

11:10a Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina Panel

Taking Charge of Your Health

Featuring: Guilla N. Cooper, Joyce Echols, Tarsha Fletcher, Sharon Goodson, Linda King,

Cedilett Murillo and Cheryl Parquet

11:45a Proclamation by Governor Roy Cooper

11:50a Performance by Maranda Curtis

12:05p Performance by Jekalyn Carr


1:00p Performance by Kirk Franklin


2:40p New Artist Showcase

3:15p Step Show – Unity Step

3:30p Sorority Panel

The Purpose of Sisterhood

Featuring: Phyllis Coley, Dr. Glenda Baskin Glover, Andrea M. Fleming, Beverly E. Smith and

Dr. Irish Spencer

4:05p Greek Stroll – Open to all attendees who are Greek


4:40p Listen to Black Women Panel Discussion

Sister-Circle Style Discussion on Issues Affecting Black Women 

Featuring: Cynthia Bailey, Erin Byrd, Erica Campbell, April Parker Jones, Keyaira Kelly, Shamika Sanders

and Maticia Sims

5:15p Performance by Jacquees

5:45p Performance by Avant

6:15p Performance by Patti LaBelle


we 2019

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Time: 11:10a – 11:40a

Location: Main Stage

Sponsored By: Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina

Facilitated By: Guila B. Cooper, Joyce Echols, Tarsha Fletcher, Sharon Goodson, Linda King, Cedilett Murillo and Cheryl Parquet

Title: Taking Charge of Your Health

Overview: The purpose of this seminar is to share insights with participants related to health and the various factors that impact health, particularly in African-American women. The seminar will be led by representatives of Blue Cross NC and leaders of community organizations who are committed to improving the health of all North Carolinians.

Time: 12:00p – 1:00p

Location: Varsity Club

Sponsored By: Black Women’s Roundtable

Facilitated By: Melanie Campbell, Shemekka Ebony Coleman,  Tanya Wallace-Gobern,

Dr. Eveangel H. Savage and Fiaunna Shivers

Title: The State of the NC Black Woman with NCBWR (NC Black Women’s Roundtable)

Preserving our Legacy and Building Power in our Communities

Overview: “If you educate a man, you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman, you educate a nation.” – African Proverb Join us for The State of the NC Black Woman, a candid conversation about how Black women’s leadership is central to building power for the most vulnerable in our state. The pillars of this conversation include voting power, economic prosperity, and health and healing as intersecting issues impacting Black women. We’ll also discuss the leadership challenges Black women experience and collective strategies to advance true community-based solutions.

Time: 1:30p – 2:00p

Location: Varsity Club

Sponsored By: The North Carolina Center for Dermatology

Facilitated By: Dr. Jeffrey Scales, Ms. Ketoyia “KC” Newkirk and Ms. Chleta Brown

Title: Microneedling – Live Demonstration by the North Carolina Center for Dermatology

Overview: Join Dr. Jeffrey Scales and the North Carolina Center for Dermatology team for a live demonstration of microneedling. Here’s your chance to learn more about microneedling and other great cosmetic services that are geared towards women of color.


Time: 2:15p – 2:45p

Location: Varsity Club

Sponsored By: Entertainment Network Forum

Facilitated By: Monica Benton, Brittany Bynum, Paoli Hoke and Miyoshi Polk

Title: The Business of Entertainment

Overview: The Business of Entertainment Conference.  The most remarkable characteristics of the conference is that it was designed with the intent of helping and encouraging those who have no idea or limited education about the entertainment industry realize that they can become successful and not only learn what it takes to start but sustain a professional career in entertainment. The conference will create the opportunity for its attendees to be introduced to and learn from successful leaders in art and entertainment. In addition, the focus of the conference will be stimulating unconventional learning, sharing, improving and developing the creative talents and gifts the attendees.

Time: 3:00p – 3:30p

Location: Varsity Club

Sponsored By: WakeMed

Facilitated By: Dr. Tiffany Lowe-Payne

Title: Healthy is the New Wealthy

Overview: As women, we often do it all – manage our careers, households, care for families, loved ones and much more. Not only does this cause stress, forgetting to care for ourselves can lead to long-term health problems, including obesity and heart disease to name a few. How do we deal this and best position ourselves to prosper? Join us, as stress expert and obesity medicine specialist, Dr. Tiffany Lowe-Payne teaches essential tips to help you successfully lose weight, live at your best and De-Stress For Success.

Time: 3:30p – 4:00p

Location: Main Stage

Facilitated By: Phyllis Coley, Dr. Glenda Baskin Glover, Andrea M. Fleming, Beverly E. Smith and

Dr. Irish Spencer

Title: The Purpose of Sisterhood

Overview: Join the ladies of The Divine Nine as they discuss the purpose of sisterhood and its significance to both African American women and the community.

Time: 3:45p – 4:15p

Location: Varsity Club

Sponsored By: Yolanda Martin Homes & Wells Fargo Mortgage

Facilitated By: Deryle Gantt, Donna Heinrich, Yolanda Martin, Damion McCullers and Melanie Theodorou

Title: Wealth…accumulated through homeownership

Overview: An interactive discussion with professionals from each stage of the home buying process on how you can accumulate wealth through homeownership.

Time: 4:30p – 5:00p

Location: Varsity Club

Sponsored By: The Force of Friendship

Facilitated By: Gloria Mayfield Banks, Nora Shariff-Borden, Caterina Harris Earl, Crisette Ellis,

Sabrina Goodwin Monday and Andrea C. Scott

Title: Real Women~ Real Friends~Real Talk  #GirlfriendsMatter

Overview: The Force of Friendship~6 dynamic girlfriends celebrating 30 years of friendship! Join our sister circle to start a national movement to empower, encourage and celebrate each other. We keep it real! We’re fun, stylish, smart, successful entrepreneurs with diverse backgrounds from no Degree to a Harvard MBA!  We have traveled to over 30 countries together and will share how we develop rich, rewarding, drama free friendships. According to the Harvard Medical Journal, “there is healing power when women seek friendship and sisterhood”.  So, no more being isolated or bullied by fake friends. Bring your girlfriends to meet ours! Join the girlfriends matter movement because we are better together!

Time: 4:40p – 5:10p

Location: Main Stage

Facilitated By: Cynthia Bailey, Erin Byrd, Erica Campbell, April Parker Jones, Keyaira Kelly, Shamika Sanders and Maticia Sims

Title: Listen to Black Women

Overview: Listen To Black Women, the new show from HelloBeautiful and MadameNoire, discusses the issues affecting Black Women most while incorporating the voices of their audience and experts is coming to the main stage at Women’s Empowerment.

Time: 5:15p – 5:45p

Location: Varsity Club

Sponsored By: Cousin Kera

Facilitated By: Kera Hansil

Title: What Women AUTO Know

Overview: You do not have to have a man with you to be treated fairly when it comes to your vehicle.  Understand your vehicle and maintenance so you don’t get taken advantage of.


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