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Nadia Bolz-Weber poses for a portrait, Friday, April, 22, 2011, at St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Denver, CO, where her church will begin holding sevices May 1, 2011. Nadia, of House For All Sinners and Saint, a is a rising star in the emergent church, ve

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When you see Nadia Bolz-Weber on the pulpit you might not know what to think. Weber is a pastor with tattoos and doesn’t believe in changing up her image to preach the word of God. According to Echo Press, “Recently she spoke to some middle school kids about sinning as well as the need for grace.”

She began her word on defining what ‘repentance’ means. She said, “Repentance, comes from the root word meaning to change direction, to think new thoughts. What if repentance offers freedom from thinking the same thought over and over? What do you say to yourself about yourself most frequently?” At one point she asked members in Colorado to write what they thought about themselves on sticky notes. She spoke about some of them read, “I’m a failure,” and “I’m not enough.”

Weber mentioned those are the kinds of things many people coming to church face. She also spoke on being progressive in Christianity and said, “I think there are people who are socially progressive and deeply Christian and they don’t often find that combination.” She founded a church in 2008 called “The House for All Sinners and Saints,” and many come to here her preach every week. She speaks powerful messages and is about encouraging all that enter despite what kind of lives they live. Jane Brekken drove nearly an hour and a half and said, “Clearly, I’m loving her message about Christianity. I think she has a strong, powerful Christian stance relevant to our time.”

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