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On March 12th, 2017, a Twitter user, ‘BlackMarvelGirl’ had the below tweet, that has since been RT’d over 140K times and favorited over 31K times regarding three missing Black girls that are a part of a larger problem, not only in DC, but also nationwide.

Beauties, we are closely reporting on this story and will consistently update as we discover more information. However, this is not a time for your to feel helpless, and there is more than you can do than a simple RT or post. We have 9 ways for you to be informed, help, make a difference and provide preventative measures for your own children and children

  1. Follow the Metropolitan Police Department on Twitter for updates. You can find updates on when the girls are found and also tweet at them to encourage additional coverage and updates.
  2. You can also follow the Amber Alert on Twitter, this way you can see when children go missing.
  3. Organize a search party. When most children go missing, they are usually found within 40 miles of your home. Make the biggest search party possible or join a search party. The family and the community will be grateful. gives you a great how to, here.
  4. The Department of Justice released a helpful guide for parents and family members who have a missing child. It provides day by day steps of what to do and can help guide you or your friend in a search. Remember: education and access to information is everything.
  5. Volunteer or support (either financially or sharing the groups information) an advocacy group that supports potential outcomes to missing children, including: abduction, sex trafficking, organ trafficking, slavery and death.
  6. Call your District Attorney Office (click to find yours) and ask what they are doing regarding human trafficking.
  7. Sign these petitions: strengthen anti-human trafficking programs, support the Trafficking Survivors Relief Act
  8. According to Courtney’s House founder, Tina Frundt, her safe house in DC are getting 4-5 requests for help from girls. Definitely donate to her mission and cause to help support.
  9. Support the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC), they support law enforcement agencies in finding missing children in addition to providing support and resources for families of missing children.

Beauties, if you have additional suggestions, please let us know in the comment section.


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