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We’ve had one of helluva week with black men flip-flopping —yes, we’re talking to you Charlemagne and Trevor Noah— so why not add Ne-Yo to the list?

While heading to security check in the of Los Angeles Airport on Thursday, the “All Because of You” singer was asked by TMZ if he would perform at President Elect Donald Trump’s Inauguration. As background, the businessman is said to be having difficulties locking in a recording artist to perform for his swearing in.

Surprise, surprise.

In response to the question Ne-Yo said, “Yea, I’ll be there.” Adding, “I wouldn’t go because I support Donald Trump. I’d go because it’s a dope party. I’d go, get the check, have a good time, and still say no to Donald Trump (lifting the middle finger).”

According to a report by The Wrap, the struggle is actually very real for Trump’s camp in trying to book someone for the big day. They’ve allegedly asked Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars and Elton John who have all turned down the request.

And once more, they’re even willing to shell out money to pay the artists for performance of the National Anthem— even though historically, artists do it for free (sans production costs and travel).

The Wrap reports: Donald Trump’s inaugural committee is scrambling to lock in A-list Hollywood performers for the parties celebrating him — and having a rough time booking big names, two insiders tell TheWrap. Both said that Trump inaugural committee members have contacted them in recent days offering cash or even a government appointment if they could deliver marquee names. “They are willing to pay anything,” one of the insiders told TheWrap. “They told me, ‘We’ll pay their fees.’ Most of these artists’ fees are in the six to seven figures.” The insider said the Trump negotiator also offered to pay him for delivering top talent, saying, “Name your price.” “I couldn’t do it,” the insider said. “Not even for a billion dollars.”

So clearly, one can understand why fans would be upset when Ne-Yo said he would do the event. And the upset got back to him quickly.

He responded on Instagram and Twitter Friday evening with a picture of his lip curved, captioned, “Seriously y’all? Seriously… It’s like some folks be SEARCHIN’ for a reason to hate. Lighten up. #(middle finger) Donald Trump”

Now we all know good and well, supporting or not supporting Trump is nothing to joke about. And while the 37-year-old claims it was all in just, we’re not laughing. At minimum, he could have been like Jamie Foxx and respectfully say “No”.

“Oh, I’m a pass on that one,” said Jamie Foxx when asked by TMZ about preforming for Inauguration.

Adding, “I mean.. unless they want to me… I’m a leave all that alone. That’s kind of crazy. It’s kind of crazy right now. You know what though, politics is crazy. They got everybody out here marching and sh*t. Everybody mad at each other. And they sitting down having tea and sh*t, like it’s all good. I’m like, ‘What just happened right now?’ It’s not a sticky situation. America is the greatest country in the world, man. We’ll out figure this out.”


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