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November Pastor of the Month

Source: Liberty Praise Center / Liberty Praise Center in Sanford, NC


Congratulations to Dr. Jace L. Cox of Liberty Praise Center in Sanford on being selected as our November Pastor of the Month.  Log onto to read more about Dr. Cox, and listen for him to be featured on The Light’s Powerminute and soon we will present him with the Pastor of the Month Plaque.  Recognizing and celebrating our local Pastors on the Light 103.9


Dr. Jace L Cox answered the call to ministry in 1996, and has served for the past 20 years. Dr. Cox is a passionate leader who has the body of Christ in mind and heart. With God as his complete guide, he has led over 900 worshippers during his 20 years of ministry. He has been blessed to pastor five churches since 1999. Currently he is the Pastor and Founder of Liberty Praise Center in Sanford, NC which launched in November 2014. His members have been able to count on him for late night hospital visits, home communion service for sick in shut in members, financial assistance when members were in need, consistent strategic prayer guidance, advocating for his young students, and most importantly being a Pastor after God’s own Heart. Pastor Cox has also served the spiritual and physical needs of communities across the state of North Carolina and the outside of North Carolina through events such as:

• Judah Jams

• Late Night Crazy Praise Services

• Gathering of the Troops (Highlighting Young Adult Worshippers)

• Congregational project for Building two Habitat Homes for Habitat Humanity

• Royal Court (Highlighting Ages 0-12)

• Golden Star Court (Highlighting Ages 65 and over)

• Spiritual Birthing Center for 10 Minsters called into the ministry

• Leading the Water Drive for Sanford Colon Road and Flint Michigan (This included storing approximately 4,000 cases of water at the church location, forming a team to pack the water for transportation to the needed areas, and traveling to Flint Michigan to personally deliver the collection of water to those who were affected by the water contamination.)

• Author of Coming out of Bondage, 2007

Liberty Praise Center submits our Pastor for consideration to be named November Pastor of the Month.

Kingdom Blessings,

Liberty Praise Center Family

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