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In recent days, Donald Trump has recalibrated his presidential campaign to reach out to Black voters.

The GOP’s presidential nominee talked about the problems Black communities are facing and how he’s the person to fix them. The problem with Trump’s attempt to attract African-American voter support is that he’s making his appeal to Blacks in front of predominantly all-White audiences. The pitch Trump is using to woo the Black vote: “What do you have to lose?”

While many have been fooled into thinking that Trump is making a serious attempt to gain Black voters, Roland Martin views Trump’s Black voter outreach attempts as a way to prove to White voters that he is not racist.

Martin took Trump to task on Wednesday’s edition of NewsOne Now during a special simulcast with “The Tom Joyner Morning Show.”

Martin, who’s said for months that Trump has an issue connecting with suburban White women voters, exposed Trump’s plan to juxtapose his African-American voter outreach efforts with his campaign’s desire to sway the opinions of White women and counter the view that he’s a racist.

“Donald Trump is not talking to Black people,” said Martin. “Donald Trump is talking to White women and what he is trying to tell them is ‘I’m not racist,’ because suburban White women don’t like GOP candidates being antagonistic towards minorities.”

The NewsOne Now host believes Trump’s new campaign manager Kellyanne Conway has told Trump, “Dude, if you don’t tone it down, White women will not vote for you, will not let their daughters vote for you, will not let their husbands vote for you.”

According to Martin, Trump has been losing support amongst White men and his polling numbers are down more than twenty points amongst college educated White women.

“So Black folks calm down – this ain’t about us,” Martin said. “He doesn’t want to talk to us, he wants to ignore us.”

Martin added that Trump “has a ‘do not talk to’ order” out on Tom Joyner and Martin. “Trump has told his people, ‘You cannot go on Tom Joyner (Morning Show) and you should not go on the Roland Martin show because they’ve been too critical.’

“Donald Trump wants to portray he wants to talk to Black people, but how do you ignore one hundred radio stations with eight million listeners on ‘The Tom Joyner Morning Show’? How do you ignore the only national television show that speaks to African-Americans, how do you ignore that?

Trump doesn’t want to talk to us, ’cause he’s talking past us.”

He challenged Trump to talk directly to African-American voters:

“If you want to talk to Black people, you come to Tom Joyner, you come to TV One. You sit and answer the questions. Otherwise, you can have the conversation with White women, ’cause that’s the real one you’re trying to have.” 

Watch Roland Martin put Donald Trump on blast for his Black voter outreach ploy in the video clip above.


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