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With just over 81 days left until Election Day, details of the plans Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have for the nation begin to trickle out.

During a trip to the battleground state of Ohio, Clinton unveiled the details of her economic plan, which included the following points:

  1. Break Through Washington Gridlock to Make the Boldest Investment in Good-Paying Jobs Since World War II.
  2. Make Debt Free College Available to All Americans.
  3. Rewrite the Rules to Ensure That Workers Share in the Profits They Help Create.
  4. Ensure That Those at the Top Pay Their Fair Share.
  5. Put Families First by Matching Our Policies to How Families Live, Learn, and Work in the 21st Century Economy.

During Thursday’s edition of NewsOne Now, Roland Martin and his panel of guests discussed the details of Clinton’s plan and the lack of details and a series of economic slogans coming from the Trump campaign.

Angela Peoples, Co-Founder of GetEQUAL, said, “Secretary Clinton did a good job of responding to Mr. Trump’s statements about what his economic plan was going to be.

“One thing that I think we really need to be aware of is the lack of actual ideas. The Clinton campaign is only responding to what the Trump campaign is making them answer to, which is just putting out enough information to kind of meet the standard.”

Peoples added, “Both the media and voters need to really press these candidates” on releasing more details of their respective plans.

Avis Jones-DeWeever shared her belief that Trump’s platform is centered around “offensive platitudes.”

“When he is talking about law and order, that takes me back a few decades when we know what that meant – all out war against Black people – that’s what I hear when I hear the term law and order.”

She added, “The Clinton plan, it is an actual plan … it shows what happens when you have a real primary with real ideas that actually result in a policy platform that can be implemented.”

Gianno Caldwell said that Sen. Bernie Sanders and his supporters have pushed Clinton “all the way to the left. Therefore her plan is now much more progressive than it ever could have been or ever would have been.”

Watch Roland Martin and the NewsOne Now panel discuss the economic plans of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in the video clip above.


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