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An Oregon police chief has stepped down amid complaints from fellow White officers about racist behavior, including singing the Confederate battle song and dancing around like a chimpanzee in the department’s breakroom, according to the New York Daily News.

Marvin Hoover, 56, resigned as the Clatskanie, Oregon police chief Friday, after two officers reported the June 25 incident to the Oregon Department of Public Safety, the report says.

Officers Dustin Alex Stone and Zack Gibson accused Hoover of pounding on his chest like Tarzan and dancing around the room while howling like a chimp in the police station’s breakroom, as Stone debriefed him about a Black woman’s threat to sue the force for discrimination, writes the News:

“Chief Hoover placed his hands in his armpits and began scratching them. Chief Hoover also started making loud monkey sounds: ‘Hooo…hooo…..hooo….hahahaha…hooo…..haaah,’” he wrote. “While Chief Hoover was scratching and chanting, he started to move around the room, in a dance or jumping fashion. While jumping and moving about the room Chief Hoover momentarily beat his chest like Tarzan.”

Gibson also witnessed the breakroom outburst.

“Officer Stone brushed aside the antic, but I could observe that it bothered him. At the same time I was in disbelief that the Chief of Police was acting in such a manner while an officer is concerned he may be accused of racism.”

The Black Lives Matter movement has come under fire for drawing attention to racism and police violence, but it’s allegations like those faced by Hoover that underscores the importance of the nascent crusade. What do you think?

SOURCE: New York Daily News | PHOTO CREDIT: Twitter

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