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Caiaphas may be single handedly more influential, than any other leader in sparking the christianity movement after the crucifixion. His force of trying to eliminate “followers of the Nazarene” encouraged them to thrive.

First, you need to understand who Caiaphas. He was a high priest of the Jews, A. D. 27 to 36. He was a Sadducee, and a bitter enemy of Christ. He found the whole concept of Christianity abhorrent bordering on heretical. Even more so, it left a bad taste in his mouth that Pontius Pilate, Rome’s legal figure, would think he was weak by allowing  his people to choose sides. Last week, when Caiaphas offered up Boaz, you were well aware that his  desire was control and recognition. It was less about serving the temple. 

Tonight we venture in to the deep dive of what was on the line for him as leader of the temple.

Caiaphas took a leading part in the trial and condemnation of Jesus. It was in his court or palace that the chief priests (Sadducees) and Pharisees, who together constituted the Sanhedrin, assembled “that they might take Jesus by subtlety, and kill him”. Acts mentions him  ruling over followers in Act 4:6.  Each punishment and condemnation he offered to the Jews of Jerusalem who followed Jesus was welcomed as he had never seen before. They laughed and prayed instead of begging for mercy.

What would you have done?

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