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Brandi Williams

Source: Brandi Williams / Ron Holland

There’s no denying hip hop’s sturdy grip on American culture. A multi-billion dollar behemoth, hip hop is undoubtedly an integral part of this country’s cultural fabric and is well regarded worldwide. And if there’s any doubt about hip hop’s impact on the music and entertainment industries, you’d only have to look as far as the latest television commercial to see how this genre of music continues to penetrate every facet of American life. From car commercials to the hottest sports gear to the political movement that helped President Obama win the White House, hip hop indeed is of enormous value. But there’s a negative side to hip hop that has plagued the music itself as well as the community that gave it birth.

COMMUNITY VOICES’ Host, Ron Holland, delves into a fascinating discussion about hip hop’s impact on the Black Community and American society with Christina Coleman, managing editor of and contributing editor of and Brandi Williams, public relations strategist, social activist and contributing editor to the Old School 105.3 and Praise 100.9 & 92.7 websites.






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