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Join Melissa Wade weekdays at 11:47 for fun bible trivia.

This week it’s the book of Proverbs 1

Monday 9/24/12
According to the first chapter of Proverbs, what must you have first to obtain knowledge?

answer:  The fear of the Lord

Tueday:  9/25/12
According to Proverbs 1, a wise man will hear and increase in what?

answer:  Learning

Wednesday 9/26/12
According to Proverbs 1, fools despise what?

answer:  wisdom & instruction

Thursday 9/27/12
According to Proverbs 1, it is useless to spread what in the sight of a bird?

answer:  a net

Friday 9/28/12
According to Proverbs 1, who will not answer when they call upon her?

answer:  wisdom

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