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As a young kid, summer was my favorite time of year.  Once Memorial Day arrived, I knew it was only a few days until the school year would be ending with long days and no homework to look forward to.  Summer also meant at least one trip to the Atlantic City Beach where I was sure to enjoy the ocean, sand and the sweet aroma of salt water taffy.

Still today I love the ocean and all it has to offer.  When I was a kid, my sister and I would play a game in the ocean to see who could remain standing when the waves would hit us.  I prided myself on finding a way to dig my feet into the ocean floor and balance while the waves came against me.  Sometimes I would win, and other times she would cheat!

I thought about those times recently and how that simple child’s game underlined some skills I have had to continue into adult life.

I have had to dig in to gain my balance in order not go under.  The challenges of life can come much like the patterns of the ocean.  I remember looking out at the ocean as we played and it seemed that some waves were so big I just knew they would knock me over, but by the time it actually reached me, I remained standing.  Other waves seemed like there was nothing too them, and before I knew it their undercurrent would pull me down.

The journey of life offers many of those waves, sometimes it looks like there is no way you can survive it, and other times situations can sneak up on you and pull you under without you even realizing it.  Either way, when you dig in and stand, the victory is behind the wave.

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