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Via: News14.Com

The defense rests in a court martial on Fort Bragg.

Sgt. Adam Holcomb is charged in relation to the death of Pvt. Danny Chen.

Holcomb is accused of hazing and abuse that led Chen to take his own life.

Chen was found shot to death by a self-inflicted gunshot wound in October, while deployed to Afghanistan.

The defense rested in the case late Saturday afternoon, and the prosecution called several rebuttal witnesses to the stand.

The defense concluded their case with two more members of Chen’s unit, along with a forensic psychologist who said Chen had several stressors before he deployed that could have influenced his suicide.

Specialist Ronald Wyscaver told the court he was in shock after Chen took his own life.

He said it made him angry because Chen had just come to join their unit, and he was working to take Chen under his wing.

Staff Sgt. Derrick Fox also testified, expressing the rough situations at their compound in Afghanistan.

Fox said Chen was not able to physically perform, and would have been their weakest link.

Dr. Samantha Benesh told the court Chen had several stressors that could have been an influence to his suicide while deployed.

She said those stressors, along with the stress upon arrival in a dangerous combat zone could have caused his death, not Sgt. Adam Holcomb.

Prosecutors are calling rebuttal witnesses, including Danny Chen’s cousin, Banny Chen who emphasized the close relationship Danny had to his family.

Court wrapped up late Saturday afternoon, and will resume on Monday.