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There are not enough words to say how I feel about my Pastor, Tiff McCarter. I have learned so much in the short time he has been the Pastor at GJIM. He has taught me that I can get a word to GOD for myself, how to be a tither, and the difference between religion and relationship when it comes to GOD. Pastor gives of himself daily to everyone that he comes in contact with. When we first moved to the Lakewood location he wanted to show the neighborhood that we were there for them so he decided that we would provide Thanksgiving meals for the families. When we ran out of turkeys he went into his own pocket to purchase more so that every person in line would have a meal. Some people may not think that is anything special but Pastor McCarter does NOT get paid a salary by the church. He has also given up his Pastoral Anniversary in order to purchase the shopping center where we are located. Pastor McCarter is the same person both in and out of church what you see is what you get. When he teaches he uses real life situations that everyone can relate to. His heart are the youth and senior citizens of the church. We have a large youth membership and as a teacher it’s wonderful to see the youth acting as role models in school because of the teaching they receive in church. He is married to a wonderful woman of GOD and have three lovely children. Come visit one Sunday to hear from a real man of GOD just get there early to get a seat but we are working on that also by expanding our sanctuary. GJIM where you go from “Average to Awesome” every Sunday.


Pastor McCarter is the world’s greatest Pastor!

You will never meet a man that will keep it real with his church. This the REAL DEAL MAN OF GOD …

Pastor T. McCarter is a man who cares about the vision that God has for him to carry out. He is also a man of God who cares about people. No who you are where you come from or what your race is. The word he brings from GOD is for all those who wants to receive it.

He not only talks the talk but he walks the walk. He is an awesome pastor. He has inspired me to do so many great things that I would not have normally done. He encouraged me to buy a house when the odds were against but. He is an awesome powerful man of God.

Great Man of God! My children have all been impacted tremendously by your preaching and teaching! Thanks for making a difference in our family!