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Mary Mary’s Top 10 music videos have set the bar for Gospel musicians the world over. They have  always proven that  they have the staying power and the strength in the Name of God to teach, reach and meet everyone where they are in their walk of life.

I was fortunate enough a few weeks ago to see them at their New York Showcase. You can read that story here Mary Mary Showcase In NYC: A Taste of “Something Big” [VIDEO]

In my opinion these are the  Top 10  Mary Mary Videos of all time.

10 “Shackles (Praise You) Of course you know this song. The chorus “Took the shackles off my feet so I can dance.” It was the first time many of us had the voices of two ladies who were encouraging us to get up and dance.

9 “Thank You” The song inpires you to hold on just  one more day. The lyrics “tragedies are commonplace/ All kinds of diseases, people are slipping away/ Economies down, people don’t get/ Enough pay/ But as for me all I can say is Thank you Lord for all you done for me” is enough to motivate you forward.

#8 “Heaven” The song in itself is a spry treatment to the end goal for us all. The video just makes you happy. The roller-skating and bike riding takes you back to the simpler times in your life. You are definitely caught in the happiness of the video while watching.

#7 “Yesterday If you have never seen this video, it will definitely change your mind about what a Gospel video is and what it isn’t. The story line leads you to a familiar but taboo subject.

#6 “Love Him Like I Do” Though this video is not really a Mary Mary video, it definitely a great video that reminds you of the powerful vocal range the ladies possess.  It is also a reminder that you can praise from within any genre of music.

#5 “Get Up” The ladies bring the art of empowerment through dance to life. The shadows, colors and warmth of the video remind you of a Saturday afternoon.

#4“I Worship You” The video is  a painting come to life. The visuals alone leaves you inspired.

#3“God in Me” Simply put it’s a video which  fulfills you are always a representative on Earth wherever you are.

#2 How I Got Over” The video just takes you to church. It just reminds you that these women are blessed with the Spirit.

#1 “Walking” The newest video by Mary Mary brings us to  the meaning of what we do. That we are Faith in motion.It is the moving forward that  keeps us inline with the will pf God.

Next week  Mary Mary will release  their  sixth studio album that promises to be a smash hit. It is worth your time and effort to add it to your collection.

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