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TV Guide’s Damian Holbrook talks about what he thinks about Brandy being voted off of “Dancing With the Stars”.

Titled “Dancing with the Stars’ Epic Fail,” it reads…

No. This is not right at all. Bristol Palin beats Brandy? Nope. Not buying it.

Yet that is exactly what Dancing With the Stars tried to sell us last night by revealing that the teen mom who doesn’t think anyone else should have premarital sex somehow ranked higher than the R&B singer who scored a perfect 30 the night before. Not since Wretchin’ Gretchen beat Mondo Fabuloso on Project Runway has the natural order been so out of whack.

Are the conspiracy theorists right? Are member of the Tea Party really messing with the results by registering fake emails and filing multiple votes on ABC’s website? If not, then it’s very possible that the apocalypse is upon us, people. Well, that may be extreme, but this definitely stands as a sign of DWTS’ questionable credibility. Granted, Miss Palin’s mother broke ratings records with her new TLC reality show this past weekend, so it’s possible that anything bearing the Palin brand is gonna pull in the big numbers. But let’s be honest, this is a dancing competition. Talent is supposed to matter more than rubbernecker curiosity or even political affiliation. But Bristol’s performance Monday night, while vastly improved since week 1, still resembled that of a re-animated corpse learning to walk again…and most definitely did not deserve the take the popular vote.

The only upside to this upset is that Bristol is now headed to the finals — alongside Jennifer Grey and Kyle Massey — which means she could manage to achieve something her mommy hasn’t in a while: A win.

Below: Jimmy Kimmel asks Brandy & Maksim directly if a Tea Party conspiracy led to their ouster.

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