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EXCLUSIVE: Franchesca Wants Her Music To Mold Your Relationship With God


When Andre 3000 was first quoted as saying “The South has something to say” onstage at the 1995 Source Awards, many saw that as a sign to open their ears to the many burgeoning emcees that were being overlooked in favor of what was going down on the East Coast and West Coast in hip-hop. People paid attention, and now decades later areas like Atlanta, Houston and The Carolinas are home to the biggest acts in hip-hop and R&B.

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Franchesca Cintron is looking to have that same reaction as well in her efforts to shape the sound of how Christian music can blend into the conversation as well. With roots in Raleigh, North Carolina and a current residence in Atlanta, Georgia, she’s geographically got the first part of the plan on lock. Musically, we’re willing to bet the bank on this one as well! Her 2019 debut album, Desires Of My Heart, took contemporary gospel into the smooth lane that was reflected even further on her 2022 sophomore follow-up, Beauty For Ashes. It was there that she went into detail about both the good and bad that comes with being a new mommy, offering a vulnerability that was both relatable and intrinsically beautiful in nature. The mother of two, wife to one, then went on to elevate even further last year — all puns intended! — with the release of her 2023 single, “Inner Me.” A half a million Instagram Reel views later and a still on-trend anthem for those who need a little inspiration, the single is a prime example of why she’s the perfect contender to establish what Christian R&B music can be. She’s not doing it alone, either! Linking with fellow Trailblazer Stevie Rizo, their collaborative track, “Unequally Yoked,” lyrically centers back on her ultimate plan to get more people locked in with God the way she is. Other standouts that soon followed include “Created For This” and a release earlier this year in the form of “Praise On Repeat” that even got the attention of Mary Mary’s own Erica Campbell.

“I would love for people to know Christ ultimately,” Fran told us about the goal she most hopes to achieve with her music, further adding, “I want them to stream, I want them to listen to the music [and] I want them to enjoy it, but ultimately i want them to know [Christ] at the end of the day. If were to just introduce myself [I’d say], “Hey, I’m Franchesca! I make lifestyle music rooted in biblical principles — something you can vibe to and something you can listen to Monday through Saturday, as well as Sunday.”

Can’t forget Sundays!

Watch the full “ELEV8 Exclusive” above with Franchesca as she helps strengthen your comprehension of God with every single note she sings.

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