A new study shows that women might not need to hold off on eating and drinking while giving birth. Usually the rule at most hospitals is to hold off and any eating or drinking during labor but researchers say a new study, shows that such an approach to labor isn’t necessary. “There’s no evidence of benefit or harm from restricting fluid or food intake during labor,” said Dr. Kay Dickersin, director on the U.S. Cochrane Center in Baltimore. Researchers studied approximately 3,000 women who were at low risk of needing a Caesarean section and were given some food and fluids during labor.

Those restrictions on eating and drinking can be loosened, researchers said, because fewer women need an emergency C-section under general anesthesia, which can cause problems if there is anything in the stomach.

Doctors cautioned that these findings don’t mean that labor is a time for chowing down but, instead, for small amounts of food and drink.

I guess there went my “Big Mac combo.”

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