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50 Cent is always telling folks to get the strap, Frontier employees are like get the duct tape.

What on earth is going on. Last year we couldn’t travel as we wanted to because of the pandemic. This year we were able to spread our wings and fly away however as of late the friendly sky hasn’t been so friendly with the drama going on with angry flyers, over it airline staff, and mysterious cancellation and delays. First, you had Spirit Airlines dashing travelers spirits with long lines, delays, and cancelations leaving travelers kind of stuck like Chuck then you had the flight on American Airlines (just to name a couple of this week’s incidents), now on Frontier Airlines a man was duct-taped to his seat after he couldn’t seem to get himself together.

A man traveling from Philly to Miami, Florida went on an incoherent tirade, after slamming drinks before boarding his flight on Frontier, about nonsense, the big picture, an imminent war, felt on the booty of a flight attendant and allegedly grabbed another one boob.  Flight attendants got into a light struggle with the man before taping him to his then tapped his mouth when he wouldn’t stopping yelling and cussing.

The man was arrested and out on bail for multiple counts of battery but unfortunately Frontier suspended the flight attendants involved in taping him down pending an investigation.

Take a look at the video below

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