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NFL free agent Mark Walton was arrested after police witnessed him standing over a bloodied man, reportedly his cousin, in a Miami parking lot. Prior to the arrest, Walton had a heated conversation with staff at a nearby Pizza Hut, which is why authorities were originally called to the scene.

The bizarre chain of events took place on Jan. 31, but footage recently landed online. In the video, officers approach Walton outside of the Pizza Hut, where he says someone on the staff disrespected him over the phone.

“You don’t know who I am! I don’t care! I’m about money!” Walton told an officer.

Tensions continued to mount and officers threatened to charge the 24-year-old with trespassing. He was eventually convinced to leave by the man he identified as his cousin. Moments later his cousin can be seen on the ground, and that’s when officers decided to make an arrest.

“He tried to grab me, he fell on the floor. This is my cousin.” Walton told the police.

In the 2018 NFL Draft, Cincinnati Bengals selected Walton as a fourth-round pick but he was cut by the team one year later following multiple arrests.
Walton eventually signed on with the Dolphins but was later cut after an arrest for allegedly attacking a woman pregnant with his child.
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