Jerry Smith’s Quote Of The Day

Remember to give God glory in our good times as well as our tough times, God deserves the glory, honor and praise for everything in our lives – Jerry Smith.

Treat people the way you want to be treated and that’s with respect – Jerry Smith.

Free yourself of those who have hurt you in the past by forgiving them for the pain they brought into your life. Don’t let them to continually have a space in your daily life thinking about the pain they caused you. Forgive them and let it go, live your life to the fullest -Jerry Smith.

Not letting go of things from your past will often keep you from receiving the great things that the future has waiting for you – Jerry Smith.

Whatever you build, make sure it’s built on a strong foundation – Jerry Smith.  

Life is too short to spend a day fussing and fighting. Instead spend the day laughing and loving, tomorrow is not promised. Make the most of today – Jerry Smith.

The only time I look down on someone it to extend a hand to lift them up – Jerry Smith.

When making your way up the latter be sure to bring others along with you – Jerry Smith.

In life the road that you choose to travel will determine your destiny. The choice is yours – Jerry Smith