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Source: @ACThePlug / Radio One Digital

Mayor Baldwin has set a curfew for the city of Raleigh beginning tonight at 8pm.  Read the press release below.

As Mayor, the safety and security of the people of Raleigh are my top priorities.  After two nights of violence and destruction, I have issued a State of Emergency and will impose a citywide curfew that will begin tonight at 8 p.m. and continue through 5 a.m. Tuesday morning.

By setting a curfew, my hope is that this will allow our community to pause, collect ourselves, begin to repair the damage, and turn our focus to the important work of finding connection and commonality.  There are so many people hurting throughout this city, and we need to come together peacefully and as one community.

There is truth in the call for justice.  For those who have protested peacefully, your voices are being heard and will always be welcome.  The call for change can’t be answered, however, if we continue to allow destruction of our property and attacks on our small businesses that have already been hurt by this as well as the impacts of COVID-19.

I have great hope for our community and believe in our people.  Today, we must work together, as one, and use this as an opportunity to become better than we were before.  One Raleigh for all people.


  • Requires individuals to remain at home with the exception of medical emergencies
  • Restricts travel within the city limits of the City of Raleigh
  • Does not apply to medical professionals, public safety workers, hospital workers, military personnel, public transportation personnel, public utilities personnel, and journalists
  • Violators will be charged with a misdemeanor and heavy fine
  • Will remain in effect until Mayor declares it’s over

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