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A former state NAACP employee Jazmyne Childs is speaking out for the first time publicly about how she was allegedly sexually harassed by high-profile NAACP member the Rev. Curtis Gatewood.

Childs claimed during an incident in 2017, she was approached by Gatewood in a manner that made her uncomfortable.

In 2017, Jazmyne Childs said, she was in a dark room preparing for a colleague’s surprise party when she felt Gatewood’s breath on her neck and his private parts against her backside.  “I yelled loudly,” Childs said. “Why are you hovering over me? That’s gross. Move! He claimed he was looking for a receipt and then stormed out. I stood there feeling violated, ashamed and scared.”

At the time Gatewood was Childs supervisor and the state NAACP launched an independent investigation concluding Gatewood violated the state chapter’s sexual harassment policy.

“It continues to haunt and hurt me,” Childs said, who was joined by her mother, brother, and members of the state NAACP, including the Rev. Dr. William Barber.

During the investigation, Gatewood resigned — but he is still active with the civil rights organization. In fact, he is running for state NAACP president.

Since leaving the organization, Childs said she has repeatedly asked the national NAACP to create a formal sexual harassment policy and ban Gatewood from membership.

Childs said her requests were ignored.