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I think far too many Americans are under the false assumption that racism exists on the fringes of society. And there are those who feel like even if racism is thriving in open spaces, those spaces aren’t on the coasts, in places like California and New York City.

There are those who believe that a certain amount of money and access will shield you from the realities and harshness of racism. And while it might make the situation better, it doesnt erase it altogether.

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Recently, via Instagram Live, Aoki Lee Simmons, daughter of Russell and Kimora Lee Simmons shared the story of her classmate repeatedly using and calling her the n word.

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“I’m so over people at my school being racist and no one doing anything about it. Like, I go to school to work. I don’t even talk to these people because I’m busy. I’m trying to go to Yale, I’m trying to go to Harvard, I don’t have time for you.

And this particular kid, I swear all day long—he’s White and he cannot stop saying the n word. It’s like his favorite thing to say. I don’t even use it like that but he just loves to use it. And see how far he can push it and see how many people he can offend and all of his friends don’t care. They all think they’re nice, woke, good people but they don’t stop him.

The only class I’m in that is not advanced placement—I don’t want to take too many Advanced classes because or I’d be really stressed. We were put in a group together, forced. He is a goof off, so I’m doing all the work because I’m just like, ‘I’ll do the work, leave me alone. Just be on your phone. I’ll finish the project. Leave me alone’ because I can’t even work with this kid. So I’m doing the thing where I’m talking to myself as you write. I guess he found that weird, so he looks up from his phone, “Mr. Do No Work” and says, ‘Ni**a are you on crack or something?’

I was like, what? What are you talking about? Like what? Leave me alone. Like, I’m not even talking to you.

If we don’t get along so well—because he could say ‘Oh, it was in a friendly way.’ But we don’t even get along. We aren’t friends so that should not be your weapon of choice. This kid is so stubborn, I’ve given up on making him stop saying it period but I will really not be called that. The fact that I did not even provoke you, it’s just ridiculous.

You can live your life, go to school, be doing the right thing. Being a normal kid, getting ready for college and not provoke anybody and still have this kind of thing happen to you. Same way you can live your life, just be Black and not provoke anybody still have this happen to you. You can be gay and live your life and not provoke anybody and still have stuff happen to you.

People cannot keep their hate to themselves. They cannot help to be hateful even if you didn’t speak to them.”

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Aoki said she’s asked this boy to stop calling him the n word over the course of the three years the two have been in the school together. Lee Simmons said the boy tells her that because he’s a rapper, he’s Blacker than her.

You can watch Aoiki’s full stream in the video below.

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