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Mom helping daughter with school work.

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Melissa’s “Working Mom Wednesday’s” … the kids are going back to school and we want to do what is best for our kids to help them be a successful as possible.

Here are 7 suggested things to help us do so:

Prayer Life  gives us a better understanding of our purpose in life.  Helps us to understand that there is a reason and purpose for everything and that challenges only come to make you stronger and not to destroy you or others.

Good Work Ethic:  Giving them chores helps them realize,  they have to work in order to get the good benefits of life.   Kids who grow up with working moms have advantages over those who don’t.

Teach Them Social Skills:   Being able to communicate with peers and elders benefit them in their overall success.  Being able to get along with others, being compassionate and attentive to others gives them an understanding of the life that others outside of their own village or community.  A 20-year study at Penn State and Duke found that kids with good social skills turned out to be more successful.

Instill Higher Educational Expectations:   Kids who believe that a higher education (college) is a set expectation from their parents are more likely to make every effort to complete that goal.

Develop good relationships:  It all starts at home with their relationships with siblings and parents.  This is the first hands on training in getting along with others and creating skills needed for healthy relations.  When parents show kids how to love, be compassionate and caring they are able to use it easier in everyday life.

Excitement about Math:  Reading to young children is important, but it turns out teaching them math skills is crucial as well.


Allow them To Fail:  As moms talk with them or allow them to see your failures and how you are able to bounce back from them.  Show and explain how failure is not the end of the world and that it only makes you stronger; and that everyone goes through it in life.