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There is petty and then there is ridiculous, and Mary J. Blige’s soon-to-be ex-husband Kendu Issacs crossed over into the ridiculous territory a long time ago. However he clearly is attempting to outdo himself because now he’s holding some of the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul’s personal belongings and absolutely refusing to give them back.

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From the moment that Mary J. Blige and Kendu Issacs announced that they were divorcing there has been nothing but drama surrounding it, drama which has been caused by Issacs himself. In addition to wanting exorbitant amounts of money in spousal support from Blige, he has also stated that he made her career while they were together and claimed she damaged his reputation. Now it’s being reported that he is refusing to give Blige many of her personal belongings, some of which include her Grammy awards. The Grio has further details about this messy split, including what other personal items Issacs is holding on to.

Via The Grio:

Mary J. Blige says that her ex, Martin [Kendu] Isaacs, won’t return several of her possessions, including her Grammy Awards.

According to recently filed court documents, Isaacs still has not only Blige’s Grammy Awards but also other unspecified “achievement awards” and luxury whips.

He also has three cars of hers: a Range Rover he was supposed to return months ago in February as well as two Mercedes, though Blige said that he could keep one of the Mercedes. Additionally, Blige claims that Isaacs took $420,000 in ‘business expenses’ while he was working as her manager that had nothing to do with her business.

Surely while she is in the midst of touring and promoting her upcoming album, this is the last thing that Mary J. Blige wants to deal with. Honestly though, this latest development may work in her favor during the divorce proceedings as it proves Issacs to be vindictive and perhaps attempting to extort her.


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