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Maybe you’ve noticed lately you’re a lot more interested in risky, immoral and dangerous activities. Or perhaps you’re pushing things to the extreme, spending large amounts of money on a whim, or not thinking about the consequences of your actions until it’s too late. These are part of the lure of the seven deadly sins and a warning to turn away.

Charlie Sheens life is a warning. It’s a warning that should not be shrugged off as ‘it can’t happen to me’. Sure we have all spent most of our life with the dreaded diseases with the small name. We are all too busy running around being saved that we do not notice the complacency we welcome into our lives.  We welcome the numbing acceptance of questionable reckless immoral behavior. Even worse we lose all understand of moral life because we are inundated with immoral thing and behavior. Jesus warned us of this. His actually advisory was that we needed to be salt. He cautioned that if salt loses its flavor it is useless. Well, we become useless when we adopt the ways of the world in behavior and the world’s yesses.

Watching Charlie sit across from Matt Lauer and admit that his life was a living hell was a crystal clear advisory to those willing to stop and listen. He had all the trappings of the material world in the physical. Now he faced with was coming clean about the imprisonment of his body, spirit and financial well being.

Charlie indulged in  all of the seven deadly sins. They are lust, greed gluttony, envy  anger, pride and sloth.

Watch his confession:

The admission that his questionable life led him to being blackmailed and surrounded  by the demonic behavior of abuse. Abuse is demonic in all its forms. Abuse deprives you of the freedom given you by salvation. Choosing to engage in reckless behavior affects more people than just you—it can also cause the people you care about to worry. It clouds people around you from happiness. Overall, God created us for happiness not misery. Charlie’s life was obviously filled with the misery of depression, addiction and self loathing. Those ideas are tied closely to the seven deadly sins that kill the spirit and cause us to be reckless.

There are things you can do to prevent yourself from engaging in risky behavior. Try to remember to:

  • Take some down time for yourself, especially if you feel riled up, overly excited, or angry
  • Take deep breaths when you feel stressed and give yourself a break by relaxing in a peaceful, quiet place
  • Plan ahead to avoid situations that might lead to reckless or dangerous behavior—for example, try to leave early or late to avoid rush-hour traffic, or arrange for a ride home if you’ll be drinking
  • Recognize cycles of reckless behavior and work with your close family and friends to identify and avoid them
  • Find safe ways of getting an adrenaline rush in new activities that won’t lead to negative consequences
  • Find a way to avoid or get out of potentially risky situations

Charlie’s family is a praying family. His father is a practicing Catholic. His uncle hosts a successful Catholic faith show. I couldn’t help but contemplate that the devil was after hurting this family. The Estevez family is closely knit and I know they will now pray Charlie through this storm. Possibly the truth has set him free.

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