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Roland Martin’s “Roland’s Rules” Disclaimer: The people and situations Roland Martin is  making light of aren’t directed at anyone, any group, any nationality, in particular. Got it? If you can’t take a joke, ain’t Roland Martin’s problem. #RolandsRules are meant to be humorous and satirical.

Roland Martin, host of “NewsOne Now” shared his list of Thanksgiving Day rules. Take notes so that you won’t get jacked if you are ever invited to the Martin dinner table

Every year, Martin releases a set of rules that he expects his guests to abide by and one of the this year’s round of rules which is “critically important” is, “if you didn’t cook anything and you didn’t pay for anything, shut the hell up.”

“NewsOne Now” panelist, Kim Brown added one of her rules to the list saying, “if you have a big Freeway beard, if you one of these bearded brothers and you cooking over the stove you need to wear a net around that beard. Because if I see a beard hair in my chili or in my macaroni and cheese, we will have problems.”

Martin continued on with his next rule, “you can’t order pay-per-view” and talked about an interesting encounter he had one Thanksgiving with a guest making him ante up for the violation saying, “put it on the table!”

Martin’s next rule, “If you ain’t paid your child support, don’t be asking what’s for dinner. Just come over see yo kid.” The panel asked him how would he know if the payments weren’t current, Martin said,  “Oh, we gone know if you have not cut a check.”

He added, “speaking of child support people, you cannot come to my house for Thanksgiving and bring the Christmas gift. Naw your punk behind gotta come back for Christmas too.”

Listen to all of Martin’s wild Thanksgiving Day rules below and follow the #RolandsRules hashtag on Twitter, he is bound to add some more infractions to the list.

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