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Al Sharpton and the National Action Network  led a march Monday from the Tallahassee Leon Country Civic Center to the State Capitol to address ‘stand your ground’ laws. The parents of Trayvon Martin, their attorneys Benjamin Crump and Daryl Parks,  the parents of Jordan Davis, as well as the family of Emmett Till  joined in the effort.

The march ended with a rally at the Florida State Capitol building where Sharpton was the keynote speaker.

“It’s a flawed law,” Sharpton said. “Because you don’t need an actual threat. All you’ve got to do is believe a threat and you can use deadly force.”

Sharpton told the crowd that polling Florida legislators in their districts would be the first step to repealing the laws nationally.

“Florida is the first state to enact the law in 2005,” he said. “We came back to where it started to begin where it will end.”

Early Monday morning, Roland Martin discussed the march and its goals on “NewsOne Now.” Listen below.

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