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TMZ is reporting that two of Rodney King’s close friends aren’t buying his fiancée’s story about what happened leading up to his death and have gone to the police.

Cynthia Kelley, who was engaged to King, says she was awakened by the sound of him banging on the window of their home just after 5:00 AM on Sunday and then heard him fall in the pool.But sources close to King say they heard Kelley tell the story several times to friends and each time it changed a little bit. Plus, it seemed to them that she was lying about something.

TMZ also reports that two of Kelley’s friends who spoke with her in the hours following King’s death have also gone to police. A detective took down their story and their information and said he would be in touch.

Meanwhile the Rialto, California police department says so far they’ve discovered no signs of foul play, but is conducting a drowning investigation and an autopsy will be performed.