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Smithfield police department are investigating another incident involving a blue light bandit.  A woman was traveling on Durwood Stephenson Highway Friday toward Wilsons Mills Rd. when a dark colored car with a flashing blue light pulled up behind her.  She became suspicious and called 911.  When the driver saw her phone to her ear he quickly make a U-turn and drove away. 

There have been four incidents reported in the Benson area in the past month, in which three of those incidents the drivers were robbed.

Cases have also been reported in Durham and Cumberland Counties as well.

Police point out that unmarked law enforcement vehicles have mounted blue lights at the top of the windshield, not on the dashboard.  If a driver feels suspicious about a vehicle, they should call the police to verify the stop.  Also get to a location where you feel safe, where other people are around before you pull over.



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