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The 2-year-old AJ Burgess was born without kidneys and has needed dialysis his entire life. AJ needs a kidney transplant but so far has been denied because his father, who is a willing donor and a perfect match, was arrested Sept. 28 and the surgical team at Emory Hospital chose not to proceed with the surgery scheduled for early October.

Recently AJ has developed an abdominal infection, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution previously reported.

AJ’s mother Camellia Burgess says he now has pneumonia and his doctors say he needs surgery for hemodialysis access.

But it wasn’t until community activists got involved that a conversation cut off by hospital officials Oct. 4 continued Thursday, Burgess said. Students from Candler School of Theology along with members of the NAACP marched outside the hospital Thursday afternoon to let the administration know they want AJ to get the surgery he needs.

Now the Boazman Law Firm representing the family believes the transplant surgery will take place by January, after AJ’s infection heals, attorney Mawuli Davis said.

“We’re very optimistic this is going forward as soon as AJ is ready,” Davis said.

Emory CEO Jonathan S. Lewin released a statement Thursday night agreeing the boy’s health should be the priority. Lewin said the family and hospital would discuss A.J.’s case again Monday.