President Barack Obama on Wednesday announced the creation of a comprehensive administration initiative devoted to spurring development efforts around the globe.

A former soldier arrested after a hostage incident at a military base in Georgia faces multiple charges that include threatening to kill President Barack Obama and former President Bill Clinton, according to federal court documents filed Tuesday.

Justice Department lawyers are preparing to ask a federal judge to put a hold on his ruling this week that blocks awarding further federal grants for stem-cell research.

Obama is epected to attend Chelsea Clinton's wedding

Gulf fuels new energy-bill pushed. Obama and his Democratic allies plan a major new drive for a broad global warming bill.

Watch President Obama's challenge for Earth Day! How will you do your part?

Al Sharpton speaks out in support of President Obama's initiatives for all Americans, while other prominent black figures challenge the President. Read clips from The Wall Street Journal's article labeling Mr. Sharpton as Obama's New Partner.

Yesterday the strongest earthquake to hit Haiti in more than 200 years affected over a million people.

Via: The NY Times With unemployment among blacks at more than 15 percent, the N.A.A.C.P. will join several other groups on Tuesday to call on President Obama to do more to create jobs.