November is National Scholarship Month, and a great time to get started. Dr. Sonya Okoli joins Melissa to discuss how to find the best places and fit for your young person when it comes to scholarships. November is referred to by the National Scholarship Providers Association as a time to raise awareness of scholarship […]

Happy Thanksgiving!!!! Today Chef David from Beyu’ Caffe’ in Durham is giving our “working moms” some creative healthy food options for preparing holiday meals. Listen as he talks with Melissa about things you can do right now to prepare a delicious yet healthier meal for the holiday. Presented by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of […]

  Today we talked to Dr. Tiffany Lowe-Payne about “watching our waistlines for the holidays.” Listen to her 5 tips to help us keep what we have worked so hard for… good health, less weight and girly figure  🙂 Working mom Wednesday’s presented by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina – offering a […]

Raising strong believers… In all our busyness how to we make sure we teach our kids about exemplifying God’s character? Melissa has a mom’s forum on this topic and invited First Lady LaShawn Thompson of World Overcomers to chime in. Check out the story at

  Today Melissa talked with health & wellness coach Audretta Hall about some of the best weight loss concepts for women. A recent study suggests that there are steps women can take that may help lower their risk of breast cancer even though our chances increase with age. The study, published in the journal Cancer, found […]

Today on Melissa’s Working Mom Wednesday’s she talked to Dr. Tiffany Lowe-Payne about the effects of breast cancer on the African American Woman. Over the last 20 years, there has been a major problem in breast cancer prevention, diagnosis, and care: While overall mortality rates have improved by more than 30%, the bad news is […]

  It’s Melissa’s Working Mom Wednesday’s and today we highlighted breast cancer awareness with Valarie Worthy, President of Sisters Network Triangle. Their mission is to increase awareness, educate on self care, mammograms and inform of how to get them.  Listen as Valarie, who is a survivor and nurse at Duke, tells us more about breast […]

It’s Melissa’s “Working Mom Wednesday’s” and today her guest gives us some good healthy, quick foods for moms on the go. Working moms, we are always moving and on the go, and sometimes not having time to fix the proper foods for ourselves. Grabbing the wrong foods are causing us to be sluggish and possibly […]

  Let’s work on eliminating debt!!!  Today we had a working mom and personal money manager Quintonia Thorpe give us 5 key steps to help us start to eliminate our debt. Listen to the interview as she talks with Melissa and gives more info. on these 5 steps: Create a budget Eliminate unnecessary spending Pay […]