It’s day 32 of the Government shutdown and with many workers striving to find ways to pay bills and eat with no income coming in. There is a blessings for some affected because a number of restaurants across the Triangle are giving back to help furloughed workers. Patti Graham’s restaurant in Morrisville is inviting TSA […]

We are in day 27 of the government shutdown and pressure is building to end it and get hundreds of thousands of of federal workers back to work and paid. It’s the longest government shutdown ever!!! President Donald Trump will not move until he gets money to build the border wall and speaker Nancy Pelosi […]

No negotiations were made, no wall was funded and no jobs were re-instated.¬† Yesterday’s meeting about the President’s wall and the gov. shutdown ended in a stalemate. Donald Trump will not move without getting funding for “the wall,” while¬†House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democrats will not move until the government is reopened and people’s jobs […]